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"Calvin bruised his left hind fetlock about two weeks ago. Even after 2 shockwave treatments, it still had edema, even when I unwrapped it in the AM. I put Velocity on it last night and here are before and after pics. Couldn’t believe it!".

"My 12 year old mare has suffered with numerous suspensory injuries on both front legs her entire life. She’s had all the regenerative therapies, surgery, and all the liniments and poultices produced. She has struggled with skin sensitivity and allergies since birth making it impossible for me to wrap her legs with almost all poultices and liniments, especially any with a hint of DMSO. After being diagnosed with a suspensory injury on her right front this past fall, shockwave was performed, surpass or iron tendon was applied but it was with the use of Velocity that the most dramatic improvements were seen!

Not only did her legs not swell during the application, but her skin didn’t blister either. It only required a minimal amount of Velocity to see the positive change; it is nearly impossible to feel and see the negative external alterations on her leg due to the injury. I am so impressed with this product that I will never be caught wasting my money on any more poultice products and liniments nor gambling with the severity of skin irritation. The first image was taken 3.5 weeks prior to the second image - only after 4 times of using Velocity. Thank you so much for this incredible product! I am truly a believer!" ~ Katie P.


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Customer Testimonial from 🇮🇪. These photos are before and after using Velocity after only 1 hour of application.

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"So, some may remember a few weeks ago Tom had fat right hind leg, and despite antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds there was still some swelling left on the leg. Tom has also had three fairly serious rounds of lymphangitis in his left hind over the years which has left some permanent damage to the lower leg. When he's stabled overnight it's stocked up and if there is any minor irritation to the skin it swells. He also has some windgalls on his front legs. All this doesn't affect his performance. And finally Tom had a small hunters bump just behind his saddle and his spine was ridged along his withers, near his kissing spines.

I gave them all a blast with Velocity gel. Every evening for two weeks I applied a small amount to each affected area. Both hind legs around the cannon bones and fetlock. On the windgalls in front and along his spine. A little goes a long way and I barely made a dent in the large bottle! It made a huge difference. The swelling on Tom's hind legs wasn't huge when I started but it was persistent and not only did it take the swelling out it also took the heat that came with it. The hunters bump has nearly fully disappeared and so have the ridges on his spine.

The only thing it did nothing for was the windgalls. Now I didn't wrap the legs I just chucked it on to see what would happen. And nothing happened there.

Overall lads I'm very impressed. Last Wednesday I stopped using the gel, and despite three days box rest none of the swelling has returned. No wraps or bandages. The pics on the right are from today and the pics on the left are from nearly three weeks ago. I'm an absolute convert! Hook line and sinker! If you have a horse prone to swelling I would strongly recommend this gel!

It's also fei clean sport safe! And this product wasn't gifted!! I purchased it with my own hard earned sheckles!"

A customer photo from Sweden. This horse would get stocked up hind legs overnight in his stall, even with wraps on. After using Velocity for one night, the horse had a significant reduction in lower leg swelling. These photos were taken in the morning before (left) and after (right) using Velocity!

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This is an amazing story one of our customers sent to us. This horse presented with a severe case of lymphangitis. The photo on the left shows significant swelling throughout the lower limb. After a course of antibiotics without a significant change, Velocity was used on the leg overnight. The photo on the right shows the same leg after using Velocity for one night after standing bandages were removed.

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