Velocity Carnosine Emulgel 32oz

Velocity Carnosine Emulgel 32oz


Support Performance

Recover Quicker

Results in under an hour


Overall Wellness

Safe for Competition

Velocity increases muscle mobility, performance, and recovery. These benefits are effective within one hour of application.

One 32oz bottle should last 1-2 months depending on horse size and coverage. To apply, place a small amount of Velocity in the palm of your hand and rub into the muscles or tendons. For large muscles, use approximately 2-4 pumps. For smaller muscles and tendons, use approximately 1-2 pumps. Velocity may be used for both acute and chronic treatments.


Function: Serves as the primary buffering agent in skeletal muscle tissue and allows for pH to remain stable as hydrogen ions are created during glycolysis and other metabolic processes.


Function: serves as the base of the aqueous phase of the product.


Function: glycerin is a sugar alcohol and a humectant which serves to prevent the loss of moisture.


Function: Ethoxydiglycol is an almost colorless, odorless liquid that is used as a mild solvent to even out the consistency of liquid or gel based products.

Magnesium Sulphate

Function: Magnesium sulphate is an inorganic salt and can be conjugated to many different molecules, including amino acids and small molecules.

Xanthan Gum

Function: Xanthan Gum is widely used in topical products emulsion stabilizer as well as a binding agent.


Function: Phenoxyethanol is used as a preservative.

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Cassandra B.
United States United States
Helps with the discomforts of aging

I purchased Velocity to try on my old creaky mare who has arthritis and chronic muscle tension. I have been experimenting with applying Velocity to her trouble spots. So far, she shows relaxation soon after application. Twenty four hours later, the muscles where I used Velocity are softer and seem to be causing less discomfort. My horse has sensitive skin and had no adverse reactions where I applied Velocity. Also, a little goes a long way!

Julia M.
United States United States
Beats all other products on the market - hands down!

Velocity is a game-changer for my thoroughbred mare! My mare becomes muscle sore very easily, and she is like the Princess and the Pea! If she feels the slightest bit tight, she’s going to let me know it. I give her very long warm-ups before every ride and stretch her out immediately afterward. Since using Velocity, she comes out so much happier for our rides, even in the frigid Ohio winter! She is supple, willing, and forward. I’ve been working to perfect her leg yields all year, and suddenly, after a week of using Velocity, she is eagerly performing them like it’s nothing! I notice on days where I don’t use Velocity, she is stiff and lags behind my leg. With regular application of Velocity to her hindquarters, she is even starting to stretch out better. She usually is very resistant when I try to stretch her quadriceps and loins, but after applying Velocity for a few days, she happily lets me pull her legs all the way out. She’s like a different (and much happier) horse! I’ve tried so many other methods to keep her comfortable. We have ALL of the Back on Track gear, we’ve tried magnesium, countless other liniment products… nothing has worked as well as Velocity (aside from 24/7 turnout, which is not always an option in Ohio). I’m a true believer! Velocity is worth every penny.

United States United States
Great choice for performance horses

Velocity is a great product for treating and preventing soreness and stiffness associated with training and competition. I always use a liniment of some sort on my horses’ legs after a jump school and velocity is my new product of choice! It’s easy to use, smells good, and I like that it can be safely used under wraps without fear of blistering. It also does a wonderful job of keeping legs tight just on its own and without wraps! The horses come out feeling limber and ready to do their jobs! I should probably start using it on my own body too!!

Terje T.
Estonia Estonia
Velocity - improving your horse wellness

I have used Velocity for 2 months. I have used it for several horses: after jumping on tendons, if I feel some tension on horse’s muscles. Also I have used it if my horse bucked up in box and the hocks were swollen and it really helped to reduce it. So now has Velocity valuable place at my toolbox.

Katie P.
nothing compares to Velocity!

My 12 year old mare has suffered with numerous suspensory injuries on both front legs her entire life. She’s had all the regenerative therapies, surgery, and all the liniments and poultices produced. She has struggled with skin sensitivity and allergies since birth making it impossible for me to wrap her legs with almost all poultices and liniments, especially any with a hint of DMSO. After being diagnosed with a suspensory injury on her right front this past fall, shockwave was performed, surpass or iron tendon was applied but it was with the use of Velocity that the most dramatic improvements were seen! Not only did her legs not swell during the application, but her skin didn’t blister either. It only required a minimal amount of Velocity to see the positive change; it is nearly impossible to feel and see the negative external alterations on her leg due to the injury. I am so impressed with this product that I will never be caught wasting my money on any more poultice products and liniments nor gambling with the severity of skin irritation. The first image was taken 3.5 weeks prior to the second image - only after 4 times of using Velocity. Thank you so much for this incredible product! I am truly a believer!

Application and Usage

Leg Application for an overnight period
During Competition
Large Muscles Groups

Leg and Stable Bandage