"Velocity has dramatically helped my horses' recovery and performance, and has become part of our daily routine."

- McLain Ward

U.S. Olympic and World Equestrian Games Gold Medalist

Our patented carnosine emulgel is recommended for:

Safe for Competition

Support Performance

Recover Quicker

Tendon & Ligament

Joint Health


Overall Wellness

Senior Horse


Velocity is a gel used to support muscle performance, endurance, and recovery. Velocity has been clinically proven to penetrate deep into the muscle, unlike other gel and liniment-type products which sit on the surface of the skin. Velocity increases the levels of Carnosine in the horse’s muscles within 60 minutes of application.

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Carnosine is naturally found in muscle fibers in the body. During strenuous work, lactic acid builds up in the muscle, leading to muscle fatigue. Carnosine acts as a buffer against this fatigue.

Having been extensively researched for decades in human health to increase athletic performance, Velocity now offers the power of Carnosine for the equine athlete. Carnosine helps your horse with neck and back pain, lower leg inflammation, and improved endurance and recovery for both competition and training days.

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