Velocity Sees Success with Relaunched Brand

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Velocity Animal Sciences, Inc. is pleased to announce it’s relaunch of its novel, patent-pending product, Velocity, in the showjumping community. Velocity is a gel that contains Carnosine and has been clinically proven to penetrate deep into the muscles of the horse. Carnosine has been studied since the early 1900s in human health for muscle performance and muscle recovery. Carnosine levels have been found in higher concentrations in equine athletes whose performance demands serious anaerobic output. Velocity increases the level of Carnosine in the horse’s muscle by ~50% within 60 minutes of application. It is currently the only topical product with Carnosine available for the equine athlete and complies with FEI, USEF, and Rules of Racing Internationally regulations. 

Velocity is partnered with top Olympic and Nations Cup riders, like McLain Ward, Shane Sweetnam, Lorcan Gallagher, Daniel Bluman, and Sydney Shulman. Mclain started using Velocity after his Olympic horse, HH Azur, had a muscle tear at the Aachen Grand Prix in July 2018. Mclain and his long time manager, Lee McKeever, saw an immediate improvement in HH Azur’s recovery time and overall performance. McLain states, "Velocity has dramatically helped my horses' recovery and performance, and has become part of our daily routine."


Velocity is not only used by top level Grand Prix riders. Amateur level riders have also had incredible success. Customers from around the world have sent in testimonials and photos of their horses. The following are a few examples of successes that customers have had.

This horse in Ireland had a stocked up hind right leg with heat, a hunter’s bump on its back, and kissing spine behind the withers. This horse had also had three rounds of fairly serious lymphangitis in the left hind leg over the years, which has left some permanent damage to the lower leg. Despite antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication, the swelling in the right hind leg persisted. A small amount of Velocity was applied every evening for two weeks on the horse’s legs and back. The swelling and heat in the legs decreased and the hunter’s bump and ridges on the spine disappeared. Despite three days of stall rest after ceasing to use Velocity and with no wraps or bandages on the legs, none of the swelling returned. The photos demonstrate the same areas within a three week period.


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